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Are you 100% satisfied with your current cleaning service? Well if you aren’t, it may be time to CLEAN HOUSE! After your next cleaning check to see if the baseboards are all washed, the inside of the microwave doesn’t have any grease left in it, or if the floor has been adequately cleaned. If you don’t think you are getting the best clean out of your current service, call Lily Maid Cleaning to see what a difference our service can make!
Whether you are single or married, have pets or kids, Lily Maid Cleaning can transform your home from stressful to tranquil.
Lily Maid Cleaning is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured maid service to fit your every need. We work on a 67 point check list to ensure that your house is as clean as possible. We leave this list for you at the end of each cleaning so you can see all that we were able to accomplish.
Sixty-Seven Point Checklist
Peace Of Mind
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Sixty-Seven Point Checklist
Here are just a few of the tasks we do from our cleaning checklist:
  • Ceiling fans dusted
  • Trash emptied
  • Clean all baseboards
  • Clean windows
  • Dust blinds
  • Clean/disinfect toilet bowl
  • Wash floor
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • General straightening up
  • Wash pans cleaned
  • Clean backsplash and countertops
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Shine all appliances with microfiber cloth
  • Damp wipe outside of cabinets
  • Shake out or vacuum mats
  • Wash mirrors
  • Clean and sanitize toilets
  • Shine towel bar and toilet roll holder
  • Clean separate spa tub
  • General tidy up
Our Specialties
What's the cost?
Our Specialties
We specialize in a customized bi-monthly or weekly cleaning package. Typically lasting 2-3 hours per visit, we are able to keep up with all of your cleaning needs. We endeavor to send the same maid to your home every cleaning so that she is as efficient as possible and you are comfortable. We also can bill at the end of the month so that you don’t have to worry about having a check or cash ready at the time of cleaning. We will simply call you at the end of the month with your bill. This also gives us a chance to chat with our clients and to make sure they are as happy as can be. If you sign up for reccurring cleaning, we don’t lock you into a contract like most companies will try to do. We TRUST that you will LOVE us so much you won’t be able to live without our service! If for any reason you are unhappy with your service, Lily Maid Cleaning will be back within 24 hours to right the wrong at no extra charge.
Your Peace of Mind
Here at Lily Maid Cleaning our objective is to transform your home from stressful to tranquil. In order to do this, we have hired only the very best maids for our team. We are also LICENSED, BONDED, and INSURED. This is huge! If your current cleaning service is not Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, we highly suggest finding someone new ASAP! We make sure every maid is trained on how to properly clean specialty finishes such as granite, stainless steel and marble. As they say in the world of medicine, :”First do no harm”. You can trust Lily Maid Cleaning to turn your home into a tranquil oasis you will love!
Our Costs
We didn’t set out to be one of the least expensive cleaning services in town, it just happened that way! We can keep our marketing costs very low because we get a lot of referral work. By the way have you heard about our awesome referral program yet? For every friend, neighbor, or family member you send our way we will give you 1 FREE HOUR OF CLEANING! We take those savings and make sure you get the fairest price in town. We bring our own supplies and DO NOT charge extra like some other companies will try to do. In fact, we never nickel and dime our clients. If there is an extra job you would like done, tell us in advance and we will make sure it gets done. We do it all to keep you happy!

Cancellation Policy: Please note there is a 24 hour cancelation policy. If we receive less than 24 hours notice, or can't access your home, it will be necessary to charge you a $25 fee.

Referral Policy: If you would like to hire a past or present Lily Maid Cleaner for your home cleaning service outside of your agreement with Lily Maid Cleaning, our referral fee is $2,000.00 This fee is due within 15 days of notification from Lily Maid Cleaning. If this fee is not paid, Lily Maid Cleaning reserves the right to pursue other means of collection.
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